Top 5 ways to handle rain on your wedding day

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Most of my weddings have outdoor ceremonies, which is absolutely beautiful, but what happens if it rains? Do you wait it out? What if it doesn’t stop? In this post, you will find my top 5 ways to handle rain on your wedding day. 

1. Plan ahead. This is the most Important.

You’ve spent so much time planning and ensuring the smoothest schedule possible; take the time to plan a backup scenario. 

Start with a list of “what if’s”, and “what if it rains” should be at the top. 

Just because it’s a worst case scenario doesn’t mean you have to hate it. Make it your own and have it fit within your comfort zone. 

Maybe your venue has a covered area that you looked at first before you decided to do an outdoor ceremony. How would you have planned out that space?

 2. What about the shoes?

There are a couple ways to tackle this dilemma. 

Boots- Pack a pair of boots whether their cowboy boots or Hunter boots, and have fun with this. You may even love the look and your feet stay nice and dry. 

Stiletto protectors- If wearing heals is a must, so are stiletto protectors. They do a great job at keeping your heels from digging into mud. You could even put a bowl out for your guests to grab some on their way in. 

3. Discuss your options with ALL of your vendors.

Although most vendors have a contingency plan, you need to discuss them in detail far in advance. Don’t let yourself or your vendor be caught off guard. Make sure your vendors have a plan that fits the look and feel of your big day. This is a great opportunity for brainstorming as well. Maybe your vendor can help you come up with ideas. 

4. Umbrellas…(duh).

Make sure you round up plenty of umbrellas. I typically recommend this regardless of the forecast. Here in the southeast, a short rain shower can come out of nowhere, so be ready. 

Also, give this responsibility to a bridesmaid, groomsman, or parent; you don’t have to put the pressure on yourself. 

5. Touch-ups.

Even if you haven’t hired a makeup artist or stylist, which I highly recommend, make time for touching up your make up and hair. 

In between the ceremony and pictures will be the perfect time, so when your planning your day, give enough time for yourself and anyone else to get fixed up; be it from tears or rain. 

There you have it. My top 5 ways to handle the rain. 🙂 

No matter the situation or problems you face planning your big day, remember, go with the flow. Don’t stress. If you keep yourself and your guests comfortable (and dry) you’ll enjoy the experience and so will they. 

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