Hi there,
my name is Bradley Shaw.

I am a father, husband, and photographer. I love genuine laughter, candid smiles, and capturing once-in-a lifetime moments with photography and video.

I also enjoy coffee, but that now seems irrelevant and cliche…

I have specialized in wedding, portrait, and family photography for over ten years.

I absolutely love bringing a love story together whether itโ€™s through photography or video.

couple kissing sitting in front of door to home
baby shoes with a couple sitting together on the beach
Woman looking into the camera while hugging a man in front of the ocean
woman shows off engagement ring while hugging her new fiance
Bradley Shaw Photography

I started my journey as a photographer at a local portrait studio and since then have traveled much of the country in pursuit of creating beautiful stories and capturing pure joy.

baby laying on stomach

Whether it's your wedding day or your growing family, I want to give you a memory that feels genuine and timeless.

I pride myself on keeping your wedding day exactly that, your wedding day; not an 8-10 hour photoshoot.

My role, I believe, is to document an already beautiful commitment and relationship, not fabricate it.

My clients are happy that I donโ€™t pull them away at inopportune times for pictures and I allow them to enjoy their family and friends while they celebrate their marriage.

Plus, if youโ€™re an introvert like myself, being in front of a camera for more than 15 minutes is nerve racking.

Bride getting zipped by mom with reflection in background
couple dances together on the beach
top-down view of a couple holding hands with feet in a lily pad filled pond
Daughter hugs dad and cries before walking down the aisle
People clapping and smiling
A couple sitting together on the beach in front of a grassy dune
photographer for weddings

Simply email me for booking information and availability.

I also accept carrier pigeon and handwritten letters but whichever is more convenient for you.