Why you should make a wedding website.

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When planning a wedding it’s important to get as much information to your potential guests as easily as possible. A wedding website helps you do this and isn’t that hard to create. 

Date and time.

After you’ve spent money on 20-100+ invitations, post marked them, and shipped them, you would certainly believe that your guests have kept this invitation in safekeeping. Sometimes not. With a website you’re able to display the information and details that you need your guests to know. Date and time is probably the most important piece of information they need. 


Yes a simple address might do but a website gives you an extra safety net by supplying address, directions, and parking instructions; should there be any. This is especially helpful when locations are secluded or off the beaten path. 

Wedding Format.

Give guests a heads up to what format the wedding will be held in. Letting your guests know your ceremony is “unplugged” is extremely helpful if you can do this ahead of time. 


Dress code is important to some couples and it’s super easy to list these requirements on your website and do it in a non-confrontational way. 


Now the fun part! GIFTS! Keeping an organized link table to all of your registries is so simple! Plus it encourages online ordering and preorders because it puts it directly in front of your guests on your website. 

Bonus Tip:

If you want to effectively communicate all of this information, keep it simple. I’ve seen some couples make elaborate websites and you just seem to get lost in it. An open format with just a few pages keeps the information flowing and understandable. Promote your website through social media and add the website address to your invitations. 
I hope this has helped you make your mind up as to whether or not your going to create a wedding site. 

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